Been a long time baby!

Facebook, Twitter, linkedin, daily updates on the Blue Moon web site…… It’s enough to make my head spin.  But it’s the way we run our business to be sure people can find us so here I go on the blog again. 🙂

Let’s start with the little guy who has captured everyone’s attention lately. Little Circle Silver Lake!

Silver Lake

Silver Lake

We have partnered with Shiloh Springs  Ranch in Murrieta, California on this promising young boy and expect great things.  He loves to pose for the camera, and has more confidence than I’ve seen in a boy this young. He knows he’s good! 🙂

We’re expecting a bumper crop of crias this year. Seven females who will deliver here have already been sold.  And we added 3 new girls to the herd to add to our genetic pool.     Stay tuned for news of all the births for 2013.


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