Win a Whole Alpaca Fleece!

Squished between tales of Africa we are having a fleece giveaway!  The fleece I have chosen for the giveaway is from Paris, a sweet brown baby girl with one of the nicest baby fleeces this year.  There will undoubtedly be some vegetation, but at this point she has one of the cleanest fleeces of all the babies. This is Paris!

BMR Paris

You can see from the size of her neck  in this photo that she has a very nice staple length and you might notice there is not much vegetation on her either.

Why am I doing this? To get more traffic to my Etsy site! I am starting to create alpaca batts with my new Big Tom electric drum carder. I am blending alpaca with silk, bamboo and merino to create one of a kind batts.  I’m using organic dyes, blending colors and fibers to create batts that I personally would love to spin. (and sometimes I do!) I decided the best way to attract spinners would be to give away something that a spinner would love!  The only problem with my grand plan is that I have not had as much time as I need to create more batts, but the contest goes on and I’ll get the store filled up as I can!

But what if you don’t spin? No problem! Several options.  You might want to learn to spin! It is an ancient art that is relaxing as well as productive and there are classes offered in most areas. Or you can send it to a processor to have roving or yarn made. Our favorite processor is Spinderellas.  Read more about them here. Fleeces do not have expiration dates if stored properly, so you can take your time to decide what to do if you win the fleece.

 OK, so How do I enter?  You can enter as many times*or ways as you like. Each method of entry = 1 entry into the contest. Here’s how:

1. Visit our Etsy shop, then come back to this blog page and leave a comment telling me about something you like in the shop.

2. Leave a tweet on Twitter about this giveaway. You must however link to this blog.  Leave a comment that you tweeted with a direct link to your tweet. *Limit of 4 tweets per day.

3. Write a post on your own blog about our giveaway. You can write whatever you want, just link back to this post. Leave a comment that you did this with a direct link to your post.

Use the “leave a comment” box at the bottom of this page. Each comment gets an entry number.  You may enter as many ways or times as you like!

 When and how will you choose a winner?  Winner will be chosen at random as we put all the numbers in a hat on May 1, 2010 and will be announced on our web site.  Last entry accepted on April 30 at midnight MST.   The more times you enter, the more chances you have to win.  Shearing is scheduled for June 7 ,2010  , you will be sent your fleece within a week of shearing. 

Entries welcome from outside the USA, but we will ask you to pay shipping only.

a pretty darn cute alpaca I 'd say

 Have fun, play nice and enter often!

Now I better go card some more batts. 🙂


101 thoughts on “Win a Whole Alpaca Fleece!

  1. What a cutie! I bet she has gorgeous fleece. I’d love to have some, as I’m getting back to spinning.

    Great to see you back on Twitter!

  2. Linda: I love the Peach Ice Silk batt! Will you have more? This is just enough to whet my appetite! I also like how easy it is to find the information on the page! –Peggy

  3. I was going to enter and then it suddenly struck me–I’m going to have over 30 fleeces this year and I still haven’t done anything with last year’s fleece. Wow.
    Still, that’s a beautiful alpaca… 🙂

  4. That fleece will help me out a lot as my Aunts friend is going to give me some spinning lessons.

    With not having an Etsy I dont know how customizable it is but I like the good strong Intro Shop Announcement and one thing I would change would be the text on the header image, possibly make it a little larger and a more legible font but looks good.

  5. Hi Linda,
    glad to hear that you had such a wonderful trip. I really love that 3.8 skein dark brown sophia yarn. It just looks wonderful. Paris’ fleece makes my fingers itch to process some alpaca fiber though.

  6. I’m alrady imagining walking into my LYS with this beautiful fleece. I know they’d line up to help me process it for spinning, and none too gently, I’m sure. Your Mardi Gras batt is splendid! The first word that came to mind when I saw it was “Regal”.

  7. Well, I have enjoyed your blog about Africa and Paris…How exciting! Love your etsy shop and the
    Berry sinful alpaca merino batt…Awesome!
    Paris the Alpaca is so very cute! I’m so glad you joined our group!

  8. Linda, What a wonderful giveaway! Paris is so very cute! My favorite thing in your shop is the Mardi Gras Alpaca batt! I love the colors in it! This would be too cool to win because my birthday is in May! I guess I will have to sign up on twitter and put a post on my blog so I have more chances to win!

  9. Your yarns and batts are lovely. Are the blends more popular than straight up Alpaca? The natural brown alpaca yarns are especially luxurious.

  10. What a lovely girl Paris is! Her fleece has got me salivating, I love alpaca and the chance to get cria fluff has just sent my little heart flipping.

    I absolutely love your Mardi Gras batt in your Etsy shop. It looks and sounds sooo soft. Thank you for this opportunity.

  11. Linda, thank you so much for this great contest…Paris is adorable..I must join the crowd, and say that your Mardi Gras batt is gorgeous…but of course, I love anything Alpaca…having, just last year purchased two babies of my own…..and I also went into selling educational childrens books via USBORNE BOOKS AND MORE, thus my Web site listed above. If lucky enough to win the fleece, intend on having it prepped, and donating to our local HOME OF THE INNOCENTS ,foster care for babies. Thanks again,Linda, hope to get back out to your ranch this coming summer. Laura Robinson, louisville KY

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  13. I love Mardi Gras batt! It’s beautiful – great color combination! Also, Paris is just precious! As a new alpaca owner we don’t have any cria yet but will have our first this summer! This is a great contest! I read about it on Kathryn Ray’s blog… just in case she gets a bonus for the referral :

  14. Cannot seem to get to ETSY from here….I love alpaca yarn. I have started learning to knit and have used some alpaca yarn. I just love it! Bought some in MN last year and made a scarf for my BIL. He loved it and loves wearing it(and he never wears scarves!).

  15. I love the carded Alpaca batts. The color blendings are just lovely.

    I am considering getting a drum carder. How do you like the Big Tom? It seems to be the least expensive electric drum carder and looks like it is very well designed.

    Did you get the 90/120 model?

    • I love my Big Tom. Plus the customer service from Ron Anderson is excellent. I don’t know where you live, but if you happen to be near me in Utah, you are welcome to come by and I’ll show you how great it is!
      Yes I did get the 90/120

  16. I love the Alpaca Silk blend roving. I’m really into natural colors at the moment. Besides, who can argue with alpaca and silk in the same roving?

  17. I love the berry sinful alpaca merino batt. It’s such a pretty color. I am guessing that you can use a batt for needle felting, hope so?

    prpldy (at) comcast dot net

  18. I got the link to your site from Peggy, and I’m so glad she did! I went to your Etsy store and fell in love with the hat, and the Alpaca Silk roving…and how many yards are in the 3.8 oz of dark brown spun yarn and what size is it? I have a small spinning machine (electric), and would love to get some batting to spin. What is the difference between batts and roving? Enough questions for now…. Have a great Spring!

  19. Well, I just couldn’t resist. I ordered a batt and roving! They are just toooo beautiful! I can’t wait to get my hands on them!


  20. I thought I left a comment yesterday, but apparently left it in the wrong place! LOL Love your Etsy site… your rovings and batts are such unusual colors! I plan to actually order once you have a larger supply. Would love Paris’s fleece – I haven’t spun a lot of alpaca, but that would make some very nice yarn. Love alpaca! –Susan

  21. I love the storm clouds alpaca merino batt!!! The color is amazing and it looks so soft. Now I really have to learn how to spin!

  22. Paris is one lovely little girl and I’ll bet her fleece will be glorious. Both my cat Sachi and I have a thing for alpaca. On your Etsy page, I like the natural colored yarns best — what could be better than genuine alpaca color? I’ve been a big fan since last fall when I bought some of Willie Nelson’s first sheering. Even blogged about it back in December:
    (See, some people don’t need incentive to blog about your alpacas.)

  23. What a thoughtful post on the African weavers. Thank you. Sometimes I know I get tunnel vision about my crafts. (I do appreciate my own work). Your post was a well needed shoulder shaking experience to get me out of that tunnel. (Bowing deeply)-Thank you!

    PS. I really don’t need to win an alpaca fleece. I don’t think that there is room. (Ha, I’m fibbin’. Need and wants are so different.)

  24. Just visited your Etsy store. That felted hat is adorable, and I’m totally in love with the stormcloud colorway on that alpaca/merino batt. I just started spinning and will definitely come back to your shop next time I need some roving. By the way, Paris is adorable!

  25. I just visited your Etsy shop—love the top banner by the way. The batts, Sugar and Spice and the Berry one just make me eager to touch them. They look super soft and look like they would be a dream to spin. Paris is a total cutie pie.

  26. Hi Linda,
    As usual, you have lovely fleece. I’m not going to enter since I am currently doing the backstroke in suri fleece. Hope everyone looks, enters and buys.

  27. The teal dyed alpaca yarn is gorgeous! You did an incredible job spinning it! Can you list some more things so that i can leave more comments, so that i have more chances to win the fleece!

  28. I like the black and white felted alpaca scarf!! I am really wanting to do some felting now that I have looked at your scarves!! Can you tell that I really want to win the giveaway!!

  29. I love the site the yarn colors are really nice. I love the white raw it is a great price. I am on a spin group with Peggy she got me to the site to see the streaming video. Sandy Utah is my “home” town.

  30. Hi, I’m new here and this is my first comment. I wish I came across this post sooner; I would have entered in the contest. I bet this fleece feels so nice! I hope to make new friends on here in the future 🙂

  31. Hi Linda,

    I’m in Peggy’s online spinning group and I came here to watch the spin alpaca day. I could see the webcam but it wasn’t clear enough to really see what was happening so I thought I would check out the blog. Love it. Watched Lola give birth…amazing and only 30 minutes! I am kind of in love with Paris…who looks like a redhead on my monitor. New to spinning and hadn’t yet even thought about alpaca, but now I am. Lovely, lovely1

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